One World Women's Health

The founder of One World Women’s Health, Dr. Nina Seigelstein, tentatively approached us to see if there was any way the studio could help develop a new website to better tell the story of the care they provide to the beautiful women of Africa who don’t have access to proper gynecological health care and suffer and die from entirely treatable medical conditions. We were honored and determined to give this project the care it so well deserved.

They had no budget and only a logo with which to work. That was fine with us!

Hours were spent learning about the team of doctors that undertook medical missions to Sierra Leone and the infrastructure they are developing to provide life-saving education, training and care to the women of Sierra Leone. We were provided with photographs and stories of many of the women successfully treated on previous missions. This became the inspiration for our design process. The studio brought the website to life by creating African motifs used in colorful background graphics. The OOWH story was illustrated with artfully cropped photographs, powerful statistics, historical background information and emotional field reports.

Our initial presentation brought our client to tears – and that was something we felt good about! Site build-out went smoothly and the organization now has a powerful fundraising tool.